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    My name is Paris Louise Burns. I turn 16 years old in February 2018. I’m approaching my last year of High school at Woodbridge School in my small home town in Southern Tasmania. I’m the eldest of 6 kids in an eight person family and whilst having casual work on the go I have a love for art and music.

    When I first saw ‘The Unmissables’ organisation on an advert on TV in my lounge room I was intrigued by the message that this group was conveying. I think it’s amazing. This is purely a beautiful and touching way of raising awareness of missing loved ones. 

    I love art and making art, as soon as I saw some of the incredible artworks linked with this organisation I was inspired to want be a part of it. I’ve always had a creative and artistic mind. In the last four years particularly my passion for Art has flourished. At school I’ve been taking part in full year Art classes since grade 7 and it has been by far my favourite subject. Having artists run through the family I’ve always had that natural feeling of wanting to create Art and observe Art. I look at challenges in bright spirits and live in the moment and to be able to take part in Art towards The Unforgettables to me would be a heart touching project and a life changing Art experience.

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